What Makes the Insulation so Powerful…


Perlitecrete uses air entrenched rock instead of fiberglass or Styrofoam for insulation - and it is part of the product.  With air pockets surrounded by rock, Perlitecrete becomes a natural insulator that does not burn or sustain flame. 




Fire  and Heat Testing…


In internal lab testing, a propane torch was applied to a 1 “ thick piece of Perlitecrete. After 8 solid minutes of the ~1750 F flame burning in a single spot, the temperature on the other side of the Perlitecrete remained at the original room temperature. The room temperature on the other side of the product remained the same! The product did not burn or transfer the heat through the product. The flame stayed directly on the surface with zero flame spread. The only sign to show that there was the intense heat on the product was a small-carbonized area where the flame contacted the surface. The product’s integrity remained the same, only the surface turned black. Perlitecrete has incredible insulation, durability, and fire resistance.


 Torch Fire Test



How much can Insulated Concrete Forms alone save?


Houses built with ICF exterior walls require ~ 44% less energy to heat and ~32% less energy to cool than comparable frame houses.

The smaller heating and cooling components, needed for such an energy-efficient house, can cut equipment costs by an estimated $500 to $2000. The biggest equipment savings come with the houses that have the most energy savings.


How do we know all this?

The energy saving estimates comes from a study of single-family houses across the U.S. and Canada (Building Works www.buildingworks.com). Researchers gathered data on 58 houses in all. Half had exterior walls constructed with ICF, and the other half was neighboring houses with walls constructed of wood frame. All houses were relatively new (less than 6 years old) and built with modern methods.

The researchers compared the energy bill of each concrete house to its frame counterpart, carefully correcting for important differences to get an “apples-to-apples” comparison. Estimates of equipment savings are actual numbers reported by contractors that build ICF houses.

Perlitecrete TM consists of the earth's natural products and Perlitecrete TM is earth friendly. Designed to reduce average utility heating and cooling usage by over 30%;  Perlitecrete TM  also eliminates the extent of forestry used in typical wood frame construction.

Standing up to hurricane strength winds and resistant to fire, Perlitecrete TM  adds long-lasting strength and durability to every construction project. One of its many features, Perlitecrete TM  combines numerous construction steps into one simple product, increasing both productivity and profits.



There's more...

Comfort...   Houses built with ICF walls have a more even temperatures throughout the day and night. They have virtually no “cold spots”, and definitively fewer drafts.

Solidness...   The rigidity of concrete construction reduces the flex in floors and cuts shifting and vibration from the force of the wind or the slamming of a door. Concrete houses survive high-force winds like hurricanes and tornadoes far better than traditional wood homes.

Quietness...   Only about one-sixth of outside sound gets through an ICF wall compared with an ordinary frame wall. This sharply cuts the intrusion of noise from outside.


Perlitecrete’s  benefits are numerous…


  1.    Bug and rodent resistant

  2.    Hurricane Wind rated

  3.    Fire resistant –no flame spread, no flame sustentation

  4.    No off-gassing as found with some insulating foams when exposed to high heats

  5.    “Blow-outs” prevented

  6.    Installs without a crane

  7.    Lower shipping costs

  8.    Stem wall use increasing the concrete’s strength by ~70%

  9.    Stronger basement walls by ~70%

10.  Interior and exterior surfaces as part of product

11.  Solid color –reducing painting and maintenance

12.  Large spans up without any internal structural walls

13.  Incredible insulation value (1750F flame for 8 minutes on one side, no temperature difference on other side)

14. Faster construction

15. Uses conventional doors and windows

16. Cuts with a conventional handsaw while dense enough to hold screws

17. Overall construction savings from10% - 20%+

18. Lower utility bills (~35%+ )

19.  Lower insurance premiums (fire performance and durability)





These attributes demonstrate some of Perlitecrete’s versatility to be used both interiorly and externally:

        One side of the Perlitecrete block is smooth, reducing the time and expense of installing gypsum board on the inside of the exterior walls;

        Textured like stucco, wood, brick, or stone, Perlitecrete’s textured surfaces completes the exterior walls;

        Shower walls are now a one-step process, perfect for fast residential and military use;

        Concrete products can now be ultra-lightweight and durable like: air conditioning condenser pads, landscaping blocks, swimming pool surrounds, stepping stones, pillars, fireplace surrounds, roof tiles, and many more;



Perlitecrete offers a six-inch completed exterior wall. This dimension is a standard exterior wall size and facilitates conventional standard doors and windows. Because of Perlitecrete’s advanced tie system, Perlitecrete can quickly become 4” wide to 12” wide to meet any architectural design.


Perlitecrete TM is a new and exciting product designed to bring strength, beauty, and quick modular construction to residential and commercial construction. Used for numerous purposes, it can be easily cut, drilled, screwed into, sanded, and solid in color. The product can take on many surface designs including: stucco, brick, rock, wood, or smooth.



Plus… Perlitecrete’s design results in massive construction savings up to...


 ~20% Savings over existing ICFs construction and 

~10% Savings over typical stucco wood construction.



Perlitecrete is the answer! 





Concrete Home Stands Up to Tornado


Stoughton, Wisconsin, residents are picking up the pieces after a F3 tornado recently leveled most of the homes in the area. One home is still standing amidst the rubble: a concrete home, currently under construction in an upscale Stoughton neighborhood, built with insulating concrete forms (ICFs).






Hurricane Katrina


This ICF home was 85% complete when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the area on Aug. 29 with a huge storm surge and reported sustained winds of 125 mph. The water reached an elevation of 28 feet.





Torch Test on Perlitecrete


Fire Test


Perlitecrete showing Propane Torch affects after 10 minutes (~1750 F).


Zero spread

Heat containment






Perlitecrete cut with a Handsaw.

Beautiful and Functional.


Perlitecrete The Ultimate Building Material TM


 Perlitecrete... Build it for Life TM




Ultra-Lightweight Concrete

ICF insulated concrete forms, panels, roofing, insulation, columns, fireplace surrounds, shower stalls, concrete pads... and so much more.



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